How Are Carron Cast Iron Radiators Made?


Fettling & Rubbing Down The Sections

Each cast iron radiator section is maticulously checked for marks and imperfections. They are then fettled and rubbed down in preparation to be painted, polished or hand burnished.

fettling a cast iron radiator section
fettling a small cast iron radiator section by hand


Spraying The Radiator Sections

To achieve a highly durable paint finish, we first prime and paint all the radiator sections individually, assuring each section is evenly covered.


Highlighting/Hand Burnishing

Particular attention is required when hand burnishing and highlighting each section of the radiators.


Hand Building Our Radiators

The radiator sections are then assembled by hand. The sections are held together using connectors & high quality seals.


High Pressure Testing

All our radiators are put through vigorous and robust testing. A continuous high pressure is applied for a minimum of 24 hours at a rate well beyond that of normal water pressure found in UK domiciles.


Final Overspray

A final round of painting or hand polishing is carried out to perfectly finish the radiators and safeguard a high quality finish.


Boxed & Protected

Once completed the radiators are inspected and given a QC stamp of approval where they are placed on a pallet and boxed ready for dispatch.