Cast Iron Radiators

Carron's traditional cast iron radiators are assembled and finished by hand in our Lincolnshire workshop. All our cast iron radiators come with a lifetime guarantee....


The Antoinette cast iron radiator with its French Chateau styling makes the ideal statement piece whilst offering an impressive sectional BTU of 425. The intricate detail on this cast iron radiator lends itself perfectly for the Hand Burnished finish offered by Carron. Our tallest decorative cast iron radiator, at 985mm high, is only 155mm in depth and floor standing making the Antoinette suitable for all rooms including hallways.


The design was originally commissioned for Chelsea Barracks officers mess, circa 1900. The Chelsea cast iron radiator is elaborately decorated with a flowing leaf design and embellished with a rose detail on the both the outer leg sections and the inlet bushings. Selecting an antique patina or the highlight polish can be used to further enhance this unique cast iron radiator.

This unusual design would make a statement in any room and with a height of 675mm would fit under most window sills.


Originally the Churchill cast iron radiator style was heavy featured in government buildings. Due to its extraordinary high BTU output, up to 591 BTU’s per section, making this cast iron radiator perfect for heating larger rooms.

Dating from the 1880’s, this robust highly functional design is available in 2 heights, 670mm and 975mm. With it industrial styling, metallic painted finishes complete the look.


With the daisy design organically growing from scroll detailed feet, combined with the arched top adorned with further daisy and ribbon detail, it’s of no surprise the Daisy Cast Iron Radiator is our most popular decorative design.

French in origin and dating from the 1890’s the Daisy Cast Iron Radiator is available in two heights, 595mm and 780mm making it a versatile radiator for use throughout the home.


With its strong geometric forms, bring a touch of 1930’s glamour to your home with the Deco Cast Iron Radiator. The subtle Art Deco detailing transforms this radiator into an elegant option to some of our more highly decorative models and can suit a more minimalist setting.

Available in two heights of 585mm and 795mm, this model it suitable for both floor and wall mounting.


The Dragonfly Cast iron radiator epitomises organic Art Nouveau design. Featuring lily pads, bull rushes, and as the radiator name suggests, dragonflies, this cast iron radiator boasts a unique ornate feet detail. An impressive output of 462 BTU’s per section make this 790mm cast iron radiator great performer as well as aesthetically pleasing.

The extensive detail on this cast iron radiator is further enhanced by selecting our specialist patina finish, Antique French Grey.

Duchess 2 Column

The Duchess Cast iron radiator comes in two heights, 590mm and 785mm and is one of our most popular models. The options of both floor standing and wall hung makes the Duchess 2 column a versatile cast iron radiator.

With its simple fresh appearance, it suits both Traditional and Contemporary properties and suits a wide range of painted finishes/hand burnished finishes which makes this a great choice for any room, any colour and any style of décor.

Duchess 4 Column

Having low profile making it ideal for conservatories or under low window sills, the Duchess 4 Column is a floor standing only cast iron radiator available in 1 height of 330mm. With its plain curved profile it suits a wide variety of applications, including traditional and contemporary properties.

The Duchess 4 column, looks fantastic in both metallic paint and polished options. This models design epitomises the ‘traditional’ cast iron radiator.


The Eton Cast Iron Radiator characterises those which diligently served our public buildings, old schools and hospitals for many years. Its plain design can be accentuated with the addition of a bespoke finish, looks stunning in the hand burnished finish. Compliment your radiator selection using our extensive range of accessories.

Available in 3 heights (480mm/620mm/770mm) the Eton Cast Iron Radiator can be floor standing or wall mounted.


Inspired by the Art Nouveau movement, the Liberty Cast Iron radiator makes a superb statement piece within any décor but without a dominating floral pattern. Embracing the essence of this style with the flowing lines and detailed foot, the Liberty Cast Iron Radiator is a versatile choice looking good in both painted and polished finishes.

Available in 2 heights, 645mm and 865mm. The 2 column 865mm model offers an impressive 537 BTU’s per section making it an excellent choice for heating larger spaces.

Narrow Eton

With its slender profile, the Narrow Eton Cast Iron Radiator, is a slim version of our classic designed Eton. At just 80mm deep, makes a great choice for hallways, corridors and spaces with restricted width. Its simple design fits both modern and period properties.

This floor standing only model with a height of 765mm, looks great in both painted and polished finishes. Complementing valves and accessories are available from and


The fluid lines inspired by the Art Nouveau movement ensure this cast iron radiator will make a statement in any room. With a height of 980mm, this impressive radiator provides an exceptional heat output of 468 BTU’s per section making it the perfect choice for heating larger spaces. . This model can be used as either floor standing or wall mounted.

Accentuate the detail further by choosing from our antiqued patina finish or the extravagant Hand Burnished.


The Peerless cast iron radiator in hand burnished was recently used in the Concord House Project. This was a contemporary development of 15 loft style apartments and 4 luxury penthouses with extensive roof top terraces demonstrating the versatility of this vintage cast iron radiator design.

Available in 2 heights, 550mm and 750mm, the Peerless Radiator can be floor standing or wall mounted. Available with a wide range of accessories, including radiator valves, wall stays and electrical heating elements.


The shallow depth of 125mm make the Princess cast iron radiator ideal for hallways or similar narrow thoroughfares which spacing is critical. With a variety of heights to choose from, 795mm, 610mm and 460mm, makes it easier to achieve the correct BTU’s for the room being heated.

This popular model of radiator, works well in a wide section of colours and finishes such as Hand Burnished, painted or in one of our specialised metallic paints. This radiator can also be wall or floor mounted.

Ribbon 2 Column

As its name suggests, this cast iron radiator features a Celtic Ribbon which intertwines through the leaf detail across the top and bottom of this stylish design. Originally manufactured in America, this radiator model was used extensively by the clergy to heat the vast open spaces of churches.

Available in 3 heights, 500mm, 650mm and 795mm, making this a versatile cast iron radiator with the 795mm option having a BTU output of 389 per section. This model can be either floor or wall mounted.

Works well in conjunction with the wider 4 column version.

Ribbon 4 Column

Sharing the same design features a the Ribbon 2 column, the 4 Column Ribbon cast iron radiator boasts an impressive heat output of 579 BTU’s per section. This is one of the highest output models in the Carron range. The finish choice of antiqued hammered gold brings out the intricate detail of this decorative cast iron radiator, which can be complimented with our antique brass Crocus Wheel manual valve.

The Ribbon 4 column is available in a height of 810mm and is a floor standing only radiator.


With elegant French styling featuring a decorative eared scroll top, the Rococo offers our largest range of models of one design. With 6 models across the range, the Rococo cast iron radiator comes in a choice of columns: - Single Column, ideal for narrow spaces such as hallways, 2 Column and 3 column, great for when heating larger rooms. With such variety available, this allows the option to complete a whole project with one radiator style.

Bring out the beauty of the decoration by utilising the burnished or patina finishes.


The subtle pattern detail with symmetrical vertical lines, create a contemporary feel to the Tuscany cast iron radiator. The concave section profile and the curvature of the top makes this suitable for both modern and period settings. Suiting the darker range of the paint palette, this elegant cast iron radiator would prove a great addition to any room.

These radiator can be either floor standing or wall mounted, available in a height of 765mm commanding a BTU output of 372 per section.


The versatile Verona cast iron radiator was originally manufactured in Massachusetts – USA by the revered American Radiator Company. The sections are heavily detailed with Cherubs, Dragons and Lions and are entwined with vine leaves.

Using bespoke finishes such as antiqued French Grey or selecting one of the burnished options further highlight this cast iron radiators superb detail.

Victorian 2 Column

Part of the extensive Victorian cast iron radiator family, the 2 column model feature the slender profile projecting just 70mm. Ideal for hallways, corridors and spaces with width restrictions. With such a wide variety of columns and height available within this range, the Victorian is ideally placed for furnishing a whole property using same design.

This model also offers the flexibility of being either wall or floor mounted and is available in a height of 615mm. Choose from our extensive range of Farrow and Ball paints or if you are looking for something more of an industrial look, try a metallic or hand burnished finish.

Victorian 4 Column

With 5 heights available, 325mm, 460mm, 660mm, 760mm and 810mm this gives great flexibility when specifying your cast iron radiators to meet your heating requirements. These old school style radiators, add a fantastic period feel to your property and offer superb value for money.

With the 810mm model offer 355 BTU’s per section these floor standing or wall mounted radiators can be bespoke built to heat any space. Use our BTU calculator to work out how many sections are needed to heat your space effectively.

Victorian 6 Column

Available in 4 heights, 365mm, 625mm, 740mm and 920mm and with 6 columns, this model has a large surface area which translates into a higher BTU per section output. The 920mm version boasts an impressive heat output of 559 BTU’s per section which makes it ideal for larger volume rooms. With its traditional styling, this Victorian 6 column cast iron radiator would have originally been specified in Churches and other vast spaces.

Why not use our exclusive range of period radiator valves and radiator wall stays complete the look.

Victorian 9 Column

Being just 330mm high, makes the 9 column Victorian the ideal choice for bay windows or conservatories where the window sill height is low. This short height does not compromise the performance with its heat output of 332 BTU’s per section.

Why not use it underneath benches to provide heating were space is limited, i.e. a Boot Room?

This floor standing only model with depth of 330mm, looks great in a wide array of finishes and colours. Why not use our Daisy valve to complement your cast iron radiator.


What finishes do Carron offer?

Carron offer a bespoke painting service using high quality durable paint finishes. Colour matched by our experienced paint technicians to any RAL, British Standard or branded paint colour. Enhance your bespoke radiator by selecting from our range of metallic paint finishes.

What additional items do I need to order?

Complement your cast iron radiator by selecting from our extensive range of traditional thermostatic and manual radiator valves available in a wide range of finishes. Don’t forget to add suitable wall stays from our range of accessories where decorative end caps and pipe shrouds are also available.

What Guarantee/Warranty do I get with Carron cast iron radiators?

We appreciate your cast iron radiators are an investment, but when buying through Carron, these really can last a lifetime. Stylish, efficient and built to last, Carron are proud to offer a lifetime guarantee on all cast iron radiators.

How long will it take for my cast iron radiators to arrive?

Delivery of your cast iron radiators would typically be just 7-10 days for painted finish or 21-28 days for premium finish options. Please note, this can vary at peak times, contact your nearest stockist for current production times.

How are Carron Cast Iron Radiators made?

To see how our cast iron radiators are made click here.

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