Are Cast Iron Radiators Warmer?

Posted: Thursday, March 24, 2022

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Aside from the distinctive style that accompanies a cast iron radiator, there are many practical benefits that come with opting for a more tried and tested, traditional way to heat your spaces. When you’re in the market for a new heating system or a replacement appliance, the factor that is probably most important when making an informed decision is the heat output. You might find yourself asking “are cast iron radiators warmer?”

Traditional Vs. Contemporary

There’s something to be said for traditional ways of doing things. There’s a reason why products from bygone eras withstand the test of time.

The term known as “planned obsolescence” refers to the unethical habit that 20th and 21st centuries brands have whereby new products are either built to deteriorate quickly or to go out of style before too long. This means that customers will have to either replace their products sooner than necessary or pay to have them fixed far before you’d typically expect.

Cast iron radiators are known for their durability and their unrivalled heat output. They transfer heat into the room much more efficiently by steadily radiating heat over a longer period of time, even after you turn your boiler off. Essentially, both styles can reach the same temperatures, but cast iron radiators retain heat for longer and make for a greener, more energy efficient choice.

Carron Cast Iron Radiators

All of our cast iron radiators at Carron come with a lifetime guarantee because we’re confident about the skill that goes into each and every one of our hand-built, high-quality models. Our products perfectly ride the line between modern practicality and historic design. They are built with contemporary standards in mind while staying true to the heritage of their period character and charm.

We proudly boast the biggest range of classic radiators in the UK, with styles and accessories to meet all of your wants and needs. Browse the full range here or get in touch by calling 01400 263 319 or emailing today.

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