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Posted: Wednesday, April 13, 2022

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It feels like this has been one of the longest winters ever, but finally we’re seeing brighter days and a warmer breeze here and there. With that said, we’re in April and shockingly we’re still seeing freezing temperatures, so we won’t be switching the heating off just yet.

We’ve all felt the impact of rising energy bills in recent months, which is why it’s so important to save money whenever and wherever you can. Even the cheapest heating tariffs have seen a staggering price increase this year. We’re all in this together, which is why we’re sharing some home energy efficiency hacks to help keep your bills as low as possible.

Improving Your Home Energy Efficiency

First and foremost, check your tariff! While it might seem like a hassle to shop around and move from provider to provider, it could save you hundreds of pounds. Any “standard variable tariff” will always be the most expensive as it is guaranteed to be affected by annual price increases. Always opt for a fixed tariff even if the variable looks more enticing at the start of your contract. In most cases, you won’t have to change providers, but even if you do have to, it’s going to be worth your time if it saves you money.

The next thing to ask yourself is when assessing your home energy efficiency is whether or not your home is well insulated. While this might seem like a costly solution, it will more than pay for itself and save you a lot of money on heating bills in the long run. Heat rises, so insulating your attic or loft is one of the best things you can do to stop heat from escaping and allowing you to heat your house much quicker. You can also invest in under-floor, wall cavity and piping insulation to bring your heating costs down even further.

Another way heat likes to escape is through those drafty areas of the house, like underneath doors and around windows. Draft excluders are one of the simplest and cheapest ways to prevent this, as well as hanging curtains. Allowing a draft to run through your home can make it feel chilly, which is why doing something to stop these chills will allow you to rest comfortably with your thermostat at a lower temperature.

Cast Iron Radiators

Our final hack for home energy efficiency is one that is tried and tested and has withstood the test of time - the cast iron radiator. At Carron, we’re known for our traditional radiators that combine the elegance of period design with the practicality of modern home heating systems. Our models boast excellent heat retention, meaning they continue to work for some time even after you’ve turned your heating off. They also offer unmatched heat output levels and steadily radiate over a longer period of time for a more efficient heating solution.

A Carron cast iron radiator is durable and skillfully made by hand with contemporary standards in mind. Each one comes with a lifetime guarantee so that you can have confidence in your purchase.

Browse our full range here, including fittings and accessories, or get in touch by calling 01400 263 319 or emailing sales@carronheating.co.uk.

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