Victorian Cast Iron Radiators From Carron

Posted: Friday, January 14, 2022

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Here at Carron, we boast the largest range of traditional radiators in the whole of the UK. No matter your requirements, we’re sure to have the perfect style for you. 

Character meets efficiency in every single one of the cast iron radiators made here at Carron. Expect traditional classics at modern-day standards, because we never sacrifice substance over style. We guarantee you both! 

Among our wide range of options are the highly popular Victorian models known for their vintage charm.

You Can’t Beat The Classics

Victorian cast iron radiators at Carron come in 4 models that differ based on the number of columns you’d prefer. This would likely depend on your wants and needs in terms of things like room size and desired heat output. 

The slender 2 column model is the perfect solution for hallway and corridor heating where space is slightly limited, but could easily be used to furnish a whole property if you’re going for a very unified look. 

Our 4 column model offers the most flexibility, with 5 heights available to choose from. This allows us to meet your heating requirements with greater precision, offering great value for money, not to mention bringing an old-school retro feel to your property.

Looking to heat a larger room? The 6 column model is a great option due to its increased surface area and higher heat output. 

Finally, the shorter, free-standing 9 column model is ideal for bay windows or conservatories where the windowsill height is low. Where space is limited, you can get creative and think about installing them underneath benches. The shorter height is no indication of heat output either, as we guarantee this important factor isn’t compromised.

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Why Should I Buy A Cast Iron Radiator From Carron?

At Carron, we don’t just stop at your standard cast iron radiator. We also offer a bespoke painting service that provides a premium finish to your installations. Don’t forget to complement your radiator with stylish valves, end caps, pipe shrouds and other accessories that are also available in specialised finishes.

We assemble and finish our products by hand courtesy of the skilled and experienced technicians in our Lincolnshire workshop. The pride and trust we have in the quality of work we produce is reflected in our lifetime guarantee. Carron radiators are built to last.

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