Victorian Style Radiators From Carron

Posted: Thursday, April 21, 2022

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Victorian style radiators have stood the test of time and are once again seeing a huge surge in popularity, although this admiration never drops too far before coming back up again. Like other facets of the Victorian age, cast iron radiators harken back to a bygone era that oozes vintage style.

At Carron, our Victorian style radiators are not only our most popular, but this is also our widest range, meaning you’re spoilt for choice if you’re looking to add some traditional charm and character to your home. Varying heights and widths offer enough versatility to furnish an entire property with just one cohesive style.

Our Range Of Victorian Style Radiators

Let’s start with our 2 column option - a sleek and slender model that stands at m tall and closely hugs the wall so as not to take up too much space while still making a bold statement. We highly recommend this radiator for hallways, corridors and other areas that are lacking in space. Not only that, but their lightweight design allows for either wall or floor mounting, depending on your needs

The 4 column model gives you the option of 5 heights for maximum flexibility to meet your requirements. Depending on your choice, wall or floor mounting is possible and each radiator is bespoke, meaning it has been created specifically for your space. There is also a 3 column model now available to fill the gap between the 2 above versions.

Next, we make the leap to the grand 6 column radiator that boasts a larger surface area and a bigger heat output, perfect for bigger rooms. This style wouldn’t have looked out of place in vast spaces like churches in years past and, again, comes in a selection of height options for your convenience.

Finally, the floor-standing 9 column model might be short in stature, sitting at just over 30cm tall, but it certainly makes up for it in performance. Its large surface area means a greater heat output per section than other Victorian style radiators in our range, and its height allows it to conveniently tuck beneath benches, under window sills and into similar spaces where room is lacking.

The Carron Guarantee

When you invest in cast iron radiators like ours, you’re looking for authenticity. We have a great understanding and respect for period design - it’s something that we take pride in and remain true to while also ensuring all of our models meet modern day standards in terms of performance, safety and durability.

Our Victorian style radiators are hand-made in traditional foundries with immense skill, which is reflected in our lifetime guarantee. A Carron radiator combines peak performance with quintessential style. We’re sure you’ll agree that the quality in our products is unmatched.

Our cast iron radiators can be finished and accessorised in great detail. Browse the full range here, but if you don’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help you! Call us on 01400 263 319 or email

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